Month: September 2016

How to design a Business Plan?

Don’t be hasty! The Business Plan is the first thing you should prepare before you start with your business First of all, let me tell you what a Business plan is (just a few words). A Business plan is a...

/ September 10, 2016

Productivity and the Pomodoro Technique

Take your time. No matter how you do it, the aim is to increase productivity so that you may be as effective as possible. How? There are many ways to do this, and every person should try and find his...

/ September 5, 2016

What do you need a CRM for?

Some companies try to move too fast towards their client, without doing a previous analysis to find out what their goals for this client are. In other words, the timer towards the client is being set, but none of the...

/ September 5, 2016