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How we engage our users with Intercom – Part 3

If you missed the first two parts, do not worry you can always go back to them: We are billage, adn we use Intercom – Part 1 How we resolve our customer’s problems with Intercom – Part 2  Take into...

/ December 28, 2016

Product Management with Intercom – Part 4

With hope for a great year for you and your business. At billage 2017 is the year of marketing. We feel we give value to our users, and we want to share that value with as many users as possible....

/ December 28, 2016

We are billage, and we use Intercom – Part 1

Hello, we are billage: invoicing, task management, agenda, email, APP mobile and CRM all in one simple tool. Every day we help managers, CEO and business owners of SME run their companies in an easy and simple way. We want...

/ December 8, 2016
Billage y Movilforum

We are joining the great Movilforum project

It’s time for celebration once again! It’s great to have a new partner in our project! Well, in fact, we are the ones joining a great project that totally focuses on fostering the digital ecosystem to promote companies through third-party...

/ October 2, 2016